Music For Your Wedding Reception

Deciding on the kind of music for your reception is not a walk in the park. Foremost, start thinking about the receptions you have been to, did the DJ and the band do a commendable job? After answering this question, you can decide if you want the same experience or you would love something better. Some of the attending guests would like to dance the night away, but your preference is slow background music. Always be sure about your music niche before going forward to talk to a DJ.

Good music for all wedding receptions is significant in that it will create an atmosphere which is unique to the specific wedding. Speak of volatile emotions, wondering expectations, and fluttering hearts all encompassed at the moment. A reception without good music is a bland ceremony, and it would hardly seem like a wedding. Without the resonating sound of a harp or the accordion which a majority of individuals are always looking forward to, there is not much to the occasion. It will lead to claustrophobic sounds of shuffling feet, confused din of whispers, and it would seem like the couples are just a step away from ending the marriage.

Some venues have restricted hours of when music should be played while others use sound limiters to comply with the licensing permission needs. When you hold your reception in such a place, then your music choice is greatly influenced. Mostly piano or jazz music will be applicable since a loud rock band will make the sound limiter to cut off the electricity supply. If the after party will go until the wee morning hours, choose a location with no amplifying of music to avoid frustrations.

You may be at odds on whether to choose a musician, band, or DJ? Each one of these professionals have their advantages and disadvantages most of which comes down to a personal budget. If you are an enthusiast of sound and atmosphere provided by live music, then a band is your ultimate choice. But if you want sound with a vast selection of music as it is played on the radio then a DJ will carry the day correctly. A band is expensive as they need to take more space and breaks of up to 45 minutes. If you can afford the cost, then hire both to get a taste of both worlds.

Another notable thing is the magnitude of your wedding reception party. A more significant band is likely to overwhelm a small gathering, but a pianist or organ play is ideal for this small group. Whichever source of music you decide on, booking a wedding DJ in good time is advisable to avoid last minute disappointments. Asking for recommendations from friends and searching the internet is also good as you will find reviews in the best band and DJ you can choose for the occasion.

After compiling a list of the prospective ones, meet them and share with them your ideas and preferences. Ensure they get the right music for your D day as it will go a long way. In turn, your wedding drinks reception music will be remembered for all the right reasons.


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