Contract for Wedding Ceremony and Musicians

There are so much information needed to be gathered from, and also given to wedding band for any wedding ceremony. Much of which should be written on the contract with other details such as order of event, participants, music, which can be shared with the bands formally. Hence, the contract with this band should contain important details such as, choice of music, troupe, date, venue, time, price, payments, revoking policy and contact information.

Necessary Information to Include in a Wedding Music Contract

This includes,

  • Employee: Name of the music coordinator, music band leader, or musician.
  • Band’s Troupe: Troupe’s name, type of troupes or the instruments provided.
  • Number of Band troupes: This amount to the numbers of the members in the band
  • Date of the Event: It is important to ensure, the year of the event is stated in the contract and it is available on every conversation mail. This is a common error with brides. Some wedding are planned within a year while others just take some weeks in advance. The year of the event is an important detail, which if excluded, could be disastrous.
  • Time of the Event: It is necessary to include both the time and the length of the wedding ceremony to the band contracted for the wedding, for proper information and alertness
  • Name and Venue of the Wedding Ceremony: It is quite important to indicate a proper and detailed name of the venue with the complete address. Ensure the address is accurate and also ensure geographical mapping systems is used for easy navigation and movement of vendors and guests.
  • Contact Details: Details such as Names, cell phone numbers, location addresses and e-mail addresses of employees(bands) and employers (celebrants) should be added to the information in the contract. It is important to make available the cell phone numbers of the celebrants (or other contact people) in the contract for proper communication. Most times, office and residential numbers are listed and having cell phone numbers for emergencies is of vital importance prior to the days of the ceremony,
  • Price: This include the cost of hiring the music band. Often, music is provided for prelude, processional, ceremony music interludes, recessional and postlude, hence the detailed cost of every services made should be given
  • Deposit: The amount of the deposit and when it is due. Remember, wedding bands Dublin are not secured until they are deposited with some cash, most times they are available for other people get them hired. If a band agent is used, it gives a certainty to the band hired and get your money deposited in time. Although they can often guarantee whatever kind of band wanted, the best musicians on their staff get booked early.
  • Balance Payment: Most bands and music coordinators request that their payment is made in two folds, i.e before and after the occasion, therefore, balance payment often takes place immediately after the ceremony.
  • Payment Method: The kind of payments accepted by the band and who payment is to be made to either by cheque or cash payable to.
  • Feeding: The availability of food provided for musicians. Remember, a well-fed band is a happy band and a happy band is fun and energetic on stage, but if musicians are only performing for the ceremony it is unnecessary to provide meals.
  • Overtime: The availability, price and payment due date for overtime. Generally overtime would only apply to the wedding reception except in the case of an extremely lately started wedding.
  • Special Requests or Unusual Details: Special song requests, costume requests, unusual requests can be listed on the contract.

Revocation Policy: Read this carefully for rules about dates and fees.

  • Atmospheric Restrictions: Most times for outdoor weddings, bands may have restrictions on the atmospheric conditions of the area, which include, temperature, wind, rain or lightning?
  • Miscellaneous Fees: Read the contract carefully for any extra fees. Fees for the sound system, special music requests, and cartage of large instruments may be added. Any reputable wedding ensemble or wedding music coordinator will disclose and discuss any extra charges when giving initial quotes or when special requests are made.

When using a contract for wedding ceremony music it is important that it contains all of the general information including the kind of music band, date, venue, time, price, payments, revocation policy and contact information. Hence, if the music is picked at the time of the contract signing it may be included as well. Using thorough contracts with correct details protects the wedding couple and the musicians from mistakes and misunderstandings and provides information needed to both parties.

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