Recruiting and selecting effectively to reduce employee turnover

One of the major challenges facing most organization’s human resource departments is high employee turnover. Whether the turnover is as a result of selecting the wrong person for the job or simply an employee deciding to move to the next thing after some time, the company does suffer. Filling those vacant positions can be time wasting and expensive not to mention loss of productivity. Upon hiring a new employee, it will take time for them to be oriented and get the hand of things.

Such problems can be eliminated by recruiting and hiring the right person. The big question for many HR departments is how do they hire the right people? The success of any recruitment and selection process is three-fold. It depends on the job design, candidates selected and support offered to new employees.

The three-fold approach

The job design must be realistic. It should have clear descriptions, measurable and achievable KPIs as well as offer growth opportunities for its candidates. This way it will motivate the person taking it up to want to stay on the job for longer.

The surest way to get the most appropriate person for the job is to provide as many details about the jobs in Tipperary as possible. The job vacancy should be well advertised in order to attract a wide pool of applicants. Many HR managers are so anxious to fill the position that they do not give the recruitment process the necessary time. They end up falling into a trap where they hope that the person selected for the position will work out. That is such a risky gamble. HR professionals have to go through the due process to find the rightful person for the job.

A key consideration to make when selecting is the candidate’s personal interest’s and aspirations. No wonder the question “what do you want do you want to achieve in the next 5 years” is common in job interviews. While it is not job related, it helps the interviewers identify candidates whose future plans are in alignment with the organization.

There have been cases where the job design was perfect and the right person was selected but there is no effective support for new entrants. Therefore, they fail to fit into the organization and leave.  Properly orienting new employees, hand holding and offering them any support required will help them find their footing in the organization faster. Besides, when it is their turn to offer support, they will gladly pay it forward creating a culture of support and team work among employees.

Role of technology in effective recruitment and selection

Research and analysis of recruitment procedures is creating a revolution in the hiring process. People analytics tools have emerged that can be used to determine whether one is a good fit for a job. There are algorithms that help to predict a candidate’s performance, skills and staying power on the job.

Organizations must regularly analyze and improve their recruitment processes. The three-fold approach is simple yet an all round approach to hiring. Job descriptions have to be detailed and realistic. The recruitment process must be done diligently and offering new employees the much needed support will help them fit into the organization faster and better.

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