Resume tips to get you a job interview

Your resume is the most important tool you have to present who you are and your worth. It will tell a potential employer whether you are worthy an interview. It outlines your talents, skills, interests, and experiences. This information is very important to an employer when it comes to determining whether to list you for the job interview or not. Therefore, it has to be well written and organized.  Here are the tips for writing a resume that will help you nail a job interview.


  1. Edit your resume to the right format for the position you are applying for

There are different types of resume formats for different types of job application. For instance, a resume to apply for an executive positon should be presented such that the first page is the cover letter detailing the highlights of your career. The cover letter is followed by a list of your work experiences arranged in order of the latest one. For midlevel jobs, the cover letter must not be too detailed while graduate resumes should focus on one’s education attainment and on the job training capabilities.


Use easy to read fonts and fonts sizes such as Times Roman 12pt. If sending the resume via email, create it through a word processing software and send it as an attachment.


  1. Include a precise executive summary

Employers and recruiters have to go thorough hundreds and thousands of resumes. Writing a precise executive summary can make it easy for them to understand what you are about and what you bring on the table. That said, some people write vague summaries. It has got to clearly articulate your achievements, your vison and why you are the best candidate for the job.


  1. Be honest

With the high competition in the job market, one can be tempted to oversell themselves in an effort to outdo their competitors. Do not lie whether you are applying for a top level management job or other lower levels. Recruiters and employers do fact checking and it would immediately get your resume flagged if they found out you lied. Even without the fear of being caught lying, for the sake of integrity tell the truth.


  1. Engage the services of a professional resume writer

If you find that you are not able to write a great resume on your own, engage a professional resume writer. You can also hire one if you do not have ample time to write a good resume or the job you are eyeing is too important and you want to give it the best shot. The professional will help you smoothen out discrepancies in your CV such as job gaps that may create an impression of job hoping.


  1. Leverage on online resume templates

If you have no idea what to put on your resume, download a free online template and fill in the gaps. You can then work with a professional resume writer to fine tune it accordingly.


Your resume is the first interaction a potential employer has with you. It creates your first impression.  Make it convey your worth so that you can earn a job interview call.

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