10 Important Roles Played by Startup CEO

Startups founders play a number of roles and it is important for them to role play in various capacities.

Even though the roles look obvious and simple, not everyone does it.

Even with the roles, every employee should concentrate on what they are good at but should not forget the other duties.

The role of a CEO jobs Ireland is divided in these ten roles;

  1. Recruiter

The CEO is responsible for finding out where they need help in the startup, looking for extraordinary candidates to provide the help and strategizing on how to pay the employees. This determines the success of your startup.

  1. Cheerleader

Building a startup from scratch is not easy; you need to be positive and strong. The tough moments determine whether you will succeed or not. During such times, keep your team’s morale high as it affects growth and productivity. Be consistent about giving your team positive feedback and ensure you show them that you appreciate them always.

  1. Coach

Every CEO needs to understand the challenges, goals, skills a, and concerns of every team member so that you can push them to greater success.

The CEO helps the employees to set goals, plan for the days to come and realign their goals when they get off course. Anytime the team fails to achieve a goal, the CEO should help everyone reassess every step to determine how to work better.

  1. Dealmaker

Companies like to deal with CEO’s when making deals. A CEO should therefor be able to sell the vision of the startup to investors, customers and employees. This is guaranteed to boost growth and exposure for the business.

  1. Student

CEO’s should never think that they know enough; they should continue reading all through. It is through reading that they learn amazing ideas for their startup. Books, advisors and blogs are a great source of knowledge or CEO’s.

  1. Firefighter

A CEO is a fulltime firefighter. When there are issues in PR, service outage or a team issue, the CEO should be the first to attend to the issues. After finding a solution, the CEO should find a permanent solution so that the issue does not reoccur in the near future.

  1. Strategist

As the startup begins its operations, the CEO spends most of his time in tactics. The tactic should be guided by where the CEO wants the business to be one or five years down the road. The big picture should be the ultimate guide to the everyday tactics employed.

  1. Salesperson

You have no choice but to sell your ideas to partners, recruiters, influencers, investors, and people with potential to help your business to grow. You have to be a salesperson from the beginning and keep getting better at sales every day for the startup to grow.

  1. Customer service champion

Every customer centered business becomes successful. The COE should spend time learning about the challenges, fears, needs, and hopes of the customer. He needs to be the voice of his target group in every meeting on product development.

  1. Decider

A CEO makes tough decisions which at times do not appear well to customers and the team. He needs to however find a way of fixing wrong decisions for the sake of everyone.


Identify the roles you are good at then capitalize on them. For those that you are weak at, try to improve or hire someone to help you.

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