Aran Sweaters For Men

Who said Aran sweaters are a feminine garment? Far from it. Just as classy ladies adorn Aran sweaters, so do cool gentlemen wear Aran sweaters. In fact, the first users were men. This timeless knitted garment merges old Irish stitches with modern designs into a fashionable outfit embraced by all.

The roots of Aran sweaters can be traced to the west coast of Ireland, a region called Aran Islands. The women would knit the sweaters for their husbands, who were predominantly fishermen. The heavy, warm and water-resistant sweaters would keep them safe from the elements as they fished.

The sweaters came to the limelight after its unique design was published in a US magazine in the 1950’s. Nowadays it has worldwide market, and virtually any region of the world you go you will meet a person adorned in one.

What is this in Aran sweaters that make it a perfect men’s wear? We will explore some of these features:


Aran sweaters are durable and of excellent quality. The hand knit sweater especially, as it is made of thicker yarns which are knitted closely. The sweaters are made of wool (though the wool may be blended with other fabrics) which when yarn produce warm and very comfortable sweaters.

The superb quality and the classy look has caught the eyes of celebrities. In their numbers they adorn Aran sweaters. This sweater is a perfect finish every man needs.


The Aran stitches and designs are unmistakable. The cables, honeycomb stitches, the diamond, the basket and the zigzag pattern at the bottom of the cardigan are unique to the Aran sweaters. And it’s amazing to note that the designs are symbolic and there is a hidden meaning to each.

This uniqueness is a statement you don’t find in any other sweater. Men who desire to stand out have no choice but wear Aran sweaters.


All the quality and elegance Aran sweaters guarantee is affordable. The hand knit cardigans are the finest and the most expensive. The hand loomed sweaters follow in quality. They are lighter and have equally intriguing designs. The lowest priced Aran sweaters are those that are machine made. They are light with less striking designs compared to the other two.


When it comes to Aran sweaters there is something for everybody. They come in different sizes, colors and designs. Literally, men are spoilt for choice. If you don’t know what works best for you, consult your designer or the store stylists.

There are many types of male Aran sweaters. We will sample a few.

  • Men’s fisherman ribs sweater: it’s a simple sweater with large stitch patterns. It mimics the original sweater that was worn by the Irish fishermen. It’s very warm and suitable for any occasion, formal or informal.
  • Men’s Crew neck sweater: this flattering sweater has traditional Irish stich patterns like diamonds, cables and honeycombs. It’s very warm and comes in many different colors. This is one of the most popular designs in the market.
  • Aran zip cable knit cardigan: the 100% wool made sweater has cable stitch pattern. It has side pocket and zip which apart from aesthetics grants the wearer convenience.
  • Men’s merino Aran sweater: it is made of 100% soft merino wool making it warm, comfortable and soft at the same time. The design blends honeycomb and cable stitches. It comes in many colors and can be worn casual or smart.
  • Lattice cable Aran sweater. Made using 100% merino wool and very comfortable and feels lighter than other hand made sweaters. It has a basket stitch design. Owing to its light nature it can be worn with a jacket or as a layering piece.

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