Facility management

If you are reading this, it means you have been promoted to facility management. Congratulations! This means you are responsible for numerous facilities owned by your company and though it is an enormous task, it is a possible one. Keep reading further to find out what your new job entails and how to get it done smoothly and without too much hair pulling.

You will basically be managing projects and progression. This means a few things that will be viewed in more detailed in continuation. Let us start with repair & maintenance. All facilities are under the risk of having stuff break; equipment or structure wise. It is wise to set aside a budget for this very reason. Another tip is to also invest in preventive maintenance. This budget is important because it will help your store stay in business since customers enjoy and demand a well operated store.

Next, you will be required to manage the company’s capital in such a way that it promotes growth and revenue. This includes but is not limited to: building new or expanding old stores, adding equipment, marketing, etc. The general rule is that all investments should produce a 20-25% of profits and pay for themselves in five years or less. You should be wise about the decisions you make concerning your company’s capital. If building a new store, be aware that you will be in charge of managing all areas of construction:  design, permits, actual construction, and post analysis per building project. It also means you must manage capital labor to those involved. Details are significant so you can keep track of all spending in an organized way.

Depending on the facilities you will be managing, this can include environmental issues to resolve or regard. Make sure to try your hardest to prevent environmental problems to surface by following all guidelines. This may require preventative courses for employees or buying certain world-friendly equipment instead. Any issue that pops up can be resolved but it is a tedious and complicated process.

Keep exact managing procedures of all purchases, even if it is as small as a box of paper clips. Analyze the purchases and expenses being made on a regular basis. Is there something you can modify that will help the expenses go down? For example, if your company spends thousands on something that can be bought in bulk but are buying separately, you can buy in bulk and save money. Or maybe your company spends thousands on carpet cleaning? Perhaps an investment in flooring will boost profits after an initial investment.

If your company does not have the proper resources in their facility to manage this type of job, it is possible to outsource. Your job will then mean that you will be the leader of a small team of subcontractors that will manage the daily comings and goings of all facilities. Be aware that it means paying more; more salaries, more time. The benefits are that you will have relatively less work on your hands. The cons are that you will still be responsible and now that responsibility will also include managing the team! It all depends on your degree of organizational and rationalizing skills honestly. It’s the type of job that gets easier with practice so don’t give up too soon.

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