Helpful Tips For Planning A Trip To Ireland

You made a good decision to consider Ireland for your vacation or trip. This island of matchless beauty has plenty of attractions. Places that guarantee an exhilarating experience and value for your time and money. Welcome to Ireland, the land of beauty.

When planning for any trip, there are four basic questions you need to ask yourself:

  • How will I get there?
  • Where am I going to stay?
  • Where will I visit?
  • At what time do I visit?

We assume you have already figured out the answer to the first question, therefore we will help you answer the remaining three as relates to Ireland.

Where will I visit?

Everywhere! If you have the time, you can pitch tent in Ireland and explore whatever you want. Because of many factors you may not do that. So allow me sample for you the five most beautiful places to visit.

  • The Cliffs of Moher. This is one of the most spectacular scenes you will ever see. The cliffs domineeringly stands 700ft (214m) high and stretches about 5 miles (8km). Its most sought after features include the 800m pathway that allows visitors walk as they enjoy the beautiful landscapes from that high vantage point. The bird viewing points are also very popular. In addition, it has a very resourceful Visitors Center. You can become part of the slightly over a million people who visit the cliffs annually.
  • The Ring of Kerry. This is the 179 km journey through several towns of Co Kerry while circling the Iveragh Peninsula. You will be served with breathtaking sights of the gorgeous coastal landscape and the traditional villages along the way.
  • The National Museum of Ireland. With three branches in Dublin and one in Mayo, it has much of what you will need to know about the Irish people in terms of their history, art and culture.
  • Killarney National Park. This is a 106 square meter stretch of lush mountainous land that will keep your eyes glued. Apart from the wildlife it has three lakes, and a proud host of McGillycuddy Reeks, the tallest mountain range in the County Kerry.
  • The Glens of Antrim. To wrap up our top five list is this intriguing group of valleys. It consists of nine valleys covering the County Antrim’s coastland up to the sea. A really striking view I’m very sure you will love.

Where Am I Going to Stay?

Of course you will need a roof over your head. But that should not worry you at all. The hospitality industry in Ireland is well established. There are a series of three, four and five star hotels which means you can cut the coat according to your size. The good thing is that you can book online in advance. If you desire to mingle with Irish people more, then Bed and Breakfast Home Stays will do you good. Hostels are also available.

And as you decide where you are going to stay factor in the mode of transport you will be using. Modes of transport are varied. You can use public transport, hire a car or even book the private scheduled coaches.

At What Time Do I Visit?

Generally, schedule your visit in summer and avoid winter. Summer happens in June, July and August, which us also the peak season. Autumn (August to October) and spring (February to April) register a mild number of visitors. Winter (January and February) register the least number of visitors.

As you plan, remember peak seasons attract peak prices and also do not forget about Connemara tours. Also, select your wardrobe based on the prevailing weather conditions.

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