Five Major Roofing Concerns And How To Mitigate Them

Roofs are very important. Apart from the aesthetic value they bring to the home, essentially, they form a barrier that keeps off undesirable elements. Not only that, roofs also greatly contribute to the stabilizing of interior temperatures of the house.

Despite roofing being very important, many home owners are ignorant of proper roof maintenance methods. Though well-meaning we expose the roofs to certain dangers by what they do or not do to their roofs.

As much as roofs are built to last, how long they last is incumbent on the care given to them. There are certain things that cause real problems to the roof. Here are five major such roofing concerns and the mitigation measures that can be put in place to prevent roof damage.

  • Poor installation.

One major reason roofs don’t last their durability estimates is shoddy installation. Poorly done roofs are not hard to spot. Leakages, blisters and wrinkles are all evidences of work wrongly done.

This is not hard to cure. Simply avoid taking short cuts. Hire an expert to handle your roof. Would you board a vehicle if the person on the driver’s seat confesses they don’t know how to drive and are simply trying out? If the answer is no, find an expert for your roofing needs.

  • Roof leakage.

This is a very common problem. A leaking roof is dangerous as it can result in water damage, electrocution or even weaken the structure of the house. Therefore when discovered it must be dealt with as soon as possible.

Leakage is easy to detect but the challenge usually is narrowing down to the specific point of the roof that is leaking. You might want use the services of an expert.

A sure way to contain leakage is ensuring the roof installation is done by an expert to minimize chances of damage. Beyond installation, ensure you adopt a regular maintenance program. This to allow any defects be detected early and corrected.

  • Critters menace.

There are some little unwelcome visitors who intrude and make themselves comfortable on your roof. If you are not careful they may turn your roof into a ‘zoo’. You want to make sure the squirrels, raccoons and varmints are kept at bay.

Make it hard for them to access the roof. Clear any trees or vegetation that may be hanging over the house. Also, cap the chimney well so it is not a gateway. Regular inspection also helps.

  • Destroyed shingles.

Adverse weather conditions like storms have the capacity to destroy the shingles thereby exposing the wood panel beneath. Directly exposed to elements, it’s vulnerable to destruction.

The remedy is investing in good impact resistant products for the roof. And after any storm, ensure the roof is checked and damages, if any, repaired.

  • Water logging.

Roofs are designed to allow water flow. If water is not flowing there is a problem. There high likelihood is that debris has clogged the gutters hindering water flow.

Water logging can be dangerous. It causes the roof to rot and develop cracks that result in leakages. The damp condition is also a good breeding ground for microorganisms like mold and mildew. The microorganisms are an undesirable sight on the roof and can also compromise its integrity.

To avoid this, frequently check your roofs or hire a good roofers Dublin company. Remove any debris before it finds its way to the gutters.

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