Top Methods to Ensure Door Security

Security is paramount these days, whether you live alone, as a couple, with a family, or within a group. No single set of circumstances is safer or more high risk than any other, because the chances of security breeches is still the same, but in different situations. For that reason, you need to ensure that you secure your front and back door as much as possible using a locksmiths Cork agent.

Your main doors are of course your main ways to enter and leave your home, and that means the most important access point needs to be the area you focus your attention. Of course, having a high quality lock is the first point of call, but what else can you do to ensure your security is as good as it can be?

  • Check the screw length of your lock – The longer the screw length, the more secure your lock is going to be
  • How is your door built? – Do you have a heavy door, or is it less well built? A heavy door is always going to be harder to unlock and breech, so this is something to look into replacing if you have something flimsier
  • Consider installing a high security lock – These are more expensive than regular locks, but they do offer so much more protection
  • How about security cameras? – Having a camera outside your door gives you peace of mind, and whilst the installation cost is going to be higher than going without, you do get a lot more benefit for investing
  • Do you have a peep hole? – If you hear a few noises outside, but you don’t want to open your door, having a peep hole can give you important information, and time
  • Consider an alarm system – Alarms are vital in high security homes, and again, the cost is nothing when you think about the benefit

Most of these suggestions do involve a small amount of cost, but you have to ask yourself whether security is vital to you or not. The answer to that should be that it is, and if you can shop around and find the best security purchases for your needs then you won’t only save money, but you will also be able to sleep easier at night, knowing that your property is secure and safe, whether you are there or not.

Security cameras and alarm systems need not look bulky or over-technological, and these days they are so small and barely noticeable, that you won’t have a high security look to your home. The other suggestions aren’t even visibly noticeable, giving you another reason to rest easier. If your home does have a door which is less than heavy, it is a really good idea to think about replacing it, and perhaps even considering having a security screen installed in front of it, to give you another barrier between your home and any potential unwanted visitors or intruders.

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