Perimeter Security 101

When you are looking into security options to cover the perimeter of your property, whether home or commercial, you need to look at several different areas, in order to find the best option for you and your needs.

Because there is a lot to think about here, let’s list some of the most common and most important areas, to help highlight the issues you need to think about and cover.

Access – Whoever you give access to, e.g. anyone who has override codes, keys, or general access, needs to be vetted very carefully, to ensure you are not disrupting your security from the first day. This also needs to be monitored regularly for any issues. You can never be to careful!

  • Locks – Any lock you use, e.g. on fences, means that you need to think about the durability and security of the lock. The thicker the metal the better here, because this means you are less likely to have any security breeches due to cutting of locks.
  • Walls – High walls mean you can’t see over them, which could be an issue from an aesthetic point of view, but low walls can offer less protection, yet can also mean you can monitor much better. This is something you need to weigh up.
  • Fences – A wall offers better protection than a fence, because a fence can break down, be blown over by adverse weather, or breeches by other means.
  • Gates – If you are using gates, you need to think about locks once more, and this could include electronic versions.
  • Security lights – Every light causes a shadow, so if you are having constant lighting you need to think abut whether you are giving potential burglars a shadow to hide in. On the other hand, motion lights, e.g. those which have a sensor and come on when they sense movement, are much better and more effective.
  • Natural security helps – This could include trees or walls which were there beforehand. These help hide the security-related measures which are in place, and can help to not only make your property look better on the eyes, but can be more secure also.

Security your property’s perimeter does take a lot of thinking about, because you need a company locksmith near me to be perfect if you want to keep your security levels up, and to achieve what you want for the price you’re paying. These particular areas to consider should be the first port of call, and from there you can produce a security plan to keep you as safe and secure as possible. Remember that perimeter security can sometimes be a little less pleasing on the eye, but it certainly does what it promises on the tin.

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