How to use the skip service?

Step 1  create a query

Inform the service of your exact address and determine the size of the load. Indicate your contact details and the place where you will be waiting for the arrival of the service. Also think about the most convenient delivery dates for you.

Step 2  specify the payment details

After you formulate your request and leave the contact information, the service employee will contact you to clarify some details of payment and delivery.

Step 3 – Delivery

Employees of the recycling company will take care of all the necessary permits for arriving at your location. The service will settle all related issues in such a way as to make delivery at the most convenient time for you.

Step 4 – Identify with things that you no longer need

Prepare the things you want to get rid of. Remember that only you know exactly what you will not be able to use. Please note that about 99% of all your waste is recyclable. Thus, you not only get rid of unnecessary trash, but also take care of the environment.

However, note that there is a list of things that absolutely can’t be given to recycling (asbestos, fluids, lead-acid batteries, asbestos, box-style televisions and monitors, fridges and freezers). All household and garden cleaners, fertilizers and other substances not included in the list of prohibited substances are allowed for processing.

If you have dangerous substances that you would like to dispose of, you need to obtain a special permit for this and use a separate container. Do not mix hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

Also, decide which containers you will use for your waste. Open containers are most commonly used, but this is not always appropriate due to weather conditions. Be prepared for the fact that the use of covered containers will cost you a bit more.

Please do not overfill the containers. Overcrowded containers will not under any circumstances go to the processing plant. If you have a question about how tightly the container is already full, ask your question to the driver of the company.

You can place the container with your waste anywhere on your private property. The main condition for placing the container is easy access to the driver of the recycling service.

In case that you need to place your container on public property, you will need to obtain permit from your Local Authority. A recycling company can do this for you.

Also remember that recycling companies usually provide a container for your waste for up to two weeks. Each subsequent week must be paid additionally.

Step 5 – Collection

Once your waste is collected, they will be taken to authorize treatment facility for processing. If you want to know in detail what exactly will happen with your waste, the recycling company can provide this information for a fee.

Step 6 – thank yourself!

After your waste has been recycled, you can be proud of yourself. You not only made your life more comfortable, but also contributed to the preservation of the environment. You acted as a responsible and caring person.

Do not miss the chance to do your part to improve the work of the recycling company. Leave a review and report all the nuances of your experience. Your feedback is definitely useful and will necessarily be useful and helpful to others.

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